Damion bond

Damion, co-owner of The Imaginarium, is forged of mountain rivers, the rhythm of running sewing machines, the sound of sliding feet on wood floors. She creates community connection spaces, constructs costumes for dance and sacred ceremony, and loves anything involving inspiration.  The Imaginarium is the teaching and healing space she has been dreaming of building since childhood.

Now at home in her dream, she blossoms with offerings in the form of classes which range from Thai Medicinal Arts, to Transnational Belly Dance Classes (once called Tribal Fusion), Women's Health and Restoration Events, Sound Therapy Concerts, and Stretching and Alignment Workshops. She is currently in her 12th year of study into Thai medicine and is the director-instructor of Woven Body Healing Arts

With a life of dedicating to the moving arts, Damion has spent much of her life participating in Richmond's dance and art community and has led dance and healing classes across the US, Mexico, and Thailand. Known as Arroh Meuse in the world of dance, she blends her years of ballet, modern dance and tribal fusion belly dance into a compact package of two hours of healthy dance training. Wednesday, the day of mercurial merriment, becomes The Imaginarium's day of dance devotion, as Arroh teaches the body to open and flow. In each class, she brings an anatomical perspective allowing for the fun to fluidly glide into education of how the form is beneficial for the body and mind.