Julia Bardrof

Since moving to Richmond in 2001, Julia has held a variety of positions in fitness, wellness and rehabilitation, among all age spectrums.

Julia lives with a rare genetic connective tissue disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which has been the impetus for finding more holistic ways to heal and improve health. In 2016, after seven years of owning and operating FIT Richmond, and going through life, she decided to take a step back and focus on her own self-healing so that she could better serve her friends, family and community.  

She received her bachelor’s degree in health, physical education and exercise science from VCU, yoga training from Om On Yoga, and Reiki and Thai body work training from Woven Body Healing Arts. With her studies, experiences and renewed health and outlook on life, Julia is honored to continue her teacher's work to help ease suffering and to invite people to explore ways to move more peacefully and efficiently in their bodies and in life.