The story of the imaginarium


- This space is
a continuous invitation to - 

Entertain new realms,

Engage the mind,

Expand the range of the body,

Enliven community spirit,

Empower the imagination.

Our physical walls contain about 1,000 square feet, within which we can collaborate on performances, classes, rehearsals, meetings, and many other diverse events.

Both Lynne Marie and Damion have worked with audiences large and small, with audiences of fewer than 10 and over 100,000.

What we intend is always to provide careful listening and conversation to those who enter The Imaginarium, supporting both the imagination and inspiration that you want your event to provide to your business, to your communities, for life, and for our world.


A good story often begins in the light of yet another story.


Damion and Lynne Marie sitting side by side amidst a row of friends, at an evening showing of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, at Bowtie Cinemas in RVa,

Leading to, years later, a Monday evening house party in Fulton Hill,

Where the pair decided to name their newly acquired home “The Imaginarium”,
Where they host Thai Healing, Reiki and other classes,

Leading to now, with Damion and Lynne Marie opening a very special events and studio sanctuary, The Imaginarium, in Lakeside.

Creating space for the imagination to blossom and fly is a shared devotion of ours,

One which flows along both of our individual paths (which together span almost eighty years) and weaves so tightly within this friendship of over ten years.

We met whilst Lynne Marie was on the board of Amaranth Contemporary Dance, and as Damion was a dancer in, and seamstress for, the same company.

Prior to and since our meeting, we have both individually and collectively organized and hosted classes, conferences, performances and various events in the United States, Mexico, Germany, and Thailand.

We adore connecting people with one another, to their creativity and to their healing energies, and to the information and actions that they may find to enliven them for a moment — or for many moments and lifetimes.


The Imaginarium is a story that continues and connects with, and branches off into, many other stories.  Let’s sit, have some tea across from one another other (or via a video consult), and discuss how we can connect our stories to one another.


Lynne Marie Parson

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Damion Bond


Our dream has come to fruition with the help of many hands. We are grateful for the insight and effort of these amazing visionaries.