herbal Yoni steams


To book a session with Damion,
please email or call (804) 614-5975.

This monthly practice, common amongst Thai women, is a 45-minute - 1-hour session of relaxation and cleansing. Five Thai herbs are steamed with a low temperature steamer and placed under a chair, allowing therapeutic herbs to work on your lower body.

This herbal blend allows for healing, regeneration and rejuvenation from a number of ailments, and is also an excellent way to heal the yoni after birth. It mends the walls of the reproductive system, balances the tissue, and cleanses the internal skin. Allowing heat to steam the upper legs can also flush and cleanse the lymphatic ducts, which aids in increase of circulation. Steaming is an incredible monthly rhythm to get into, whether you are in menses or in menopause.

 You will be seated in a private area and able to take breaks from you steam to rest.

Cost: $35